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Benefits of becoming a member:

The Duluth Flying Club is open to the public, and membership does not require a financial commitment up front. You can become a member by simply taking some flight instruction or renting an aircraft.

Interested in utilizing our services over the long term? Make the most of your investment and become a Platinum Member. Enjoy discounted rates on all of our services after paying a one-time $500 initiation fee and committing to spend at least $300 per calendar quarter on our services. The quarterly commitment can be suspended when Platinum Members will not be using our services for extended periods of time.

Here’s a breakdown of our prices:

PiperSport LSA Rental*$80/hr$70/hr
10 Hour Time Blocks*$760$665
Cirrus SR20 Rental*$130/hr$120/hr
10 Hour Time Blocks*$1235$1140
Piper Arrow Rental*$100/hr$90/hr
Piper Archer Rental$100/hr$90/hr
10 Hour Time Blocks*$950$855
Flight Instruction$50/hr$45/hr
The prices shown exclude applicable government imposed taxes and fees. Platinum Member initiation fees, and Platinum Member quarterly shortfall fees and 2.5% on flight instruction.

*Duluth Flying Club aircraft rental rates exclude the cost of fuel to provide the renter the opportunity to purchase fuel at any airport they wish.